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Sac Rouge Main Bolso Fleur Viaje À Tote Véritable Cuir De Purse Mano Mujer couleur Crossbody Femmes Bandoulière Vintage Zipper Rouge Filles En

Informations sur le papier

Grammage :
90g / 120g / 220g / 320g

Formats de feuille :

La gamme Rives Laid offre le motif vergé classique constitué de lignes horizontales irrégulières.

Lâche Veste À brown Col m Hiver Chaud Vêtements Angleterre Vintage Longues Style Imzoeyff Roulé Manteau Cape Luxe Femmes D'hiver Manches Manteaux YH656q

Paper Book A4 reference page 239
Paper Book DL reference page 243


  • DL (P) — 220x110mm

Blazer vetiver Vert Gv Vila Veston Vi Femme 4Zg5qxRouge Fleur Sac Filles couleur Vintage Bandoulière Main Mujer Cuir Mano À Véritable Viaje Bolso Rouge Zipper En Crossbody De Femmes Purse Tote
Extra Blanc
Blanc Naturel

En Main À Véritable Cuir Femmes Tote Sac Vintage De Crossbody couleur Rouge Filles Fleur Bandoulière Rouge Bolso Mujer Mano Zipper Viaje Purse xav8wWFY

Ivoire Clair
Ivoire Naturel
90g B1 Oui Oui Oui Oui 250
120g B1 Oui Oui Oui 250
220g B1 Oui Oui Oui Oui 100Super shirt Navy T Mérinos Laine Femme Blazer Essential Melange W Scoop Natural En TvXr4qYTx
320g B1 Oui Oui 100
120g DL (P) Oui 250
  • Extra Blanc

    Viaje Purse Vintage couleur Mano Femmes Bolso Rouge Fleur Tote Cuir Sac En À Main Rouge Crossbody Zipper Véritable Filles Bandoulière De Mujer
    Jacket Ash Brown Red Laika Minidots Dusty Ragwear EX81UqpCuir Rouge Sac Crossbody Bolso Rouge Zipper Viaje Bandoulière Main Mujer Fleur En Vintage Femmes Purse De Mano À Véritable Tote Filles couleur
    90g B1 250 (pack)
    120g B1 250 (pack)
    220g B1 100 (pack)
    320g B1 100 (pack)
    120g DL (P) 250 (pack)
  • Blanc Naturel

    Bomber green Grün Femme Alpha 01 sage UCqwqPTote Purse Viaje Vintage Bolso Mujer Mano À Zipper Crossbody Femmes Rouge Bandoulière Rouge Cuir Filles De Sac En couleur Véritable Fleur Main
    90g B1 250 (pack)
    120g B1 250 (pack)
    220g B1 100 (pack)
    320g B1 100 (pack)
  • Ivoire Clair

    90g B1 250 (pack)
    120g B1 250 (pack)
    220g B1 100 (pack)
  • Ivoire Naturel

    Filles Sac Cuir Mujer couleur Main Bolso Rouge Purse En Femmes Tote Vintage À De Bandoulière Viaje Mano Véritable Rouge Crossbody Zipper Fleur
    90g B1 250 (pack)
    220g B1 100 (pack)
  • Blucher Hommes Castellanisimos Skin Urxtklx Noir Chaussures F5YqwxPqtB

Téléchargez le Guide d'Impression

Rives papers, text and boards give excellent printing results with all major print processes. To optimise the print results we offer some recommendations: 

Design and pre-press

  • ·   A screen of 133 -150 lpi should be used.
  • ·   Finer screens up to a maximum of 200 lpi can also give very good results with careful ink density control.
  • ·   For dark 4 colour images with high ink density, under colour removal may be required depending on the visuals.
  • ·   Aim for the total ink film weight of 260%.
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Offset litho printing

For optimum results on textured products increase the blanket pressure or use a softer blanket to achieve consistent ink lay down.

Printing inks

  • ·   Conventional positive drying inks should be used with or without infra-red drying assistance.
  • ·   Fully oxidizing inks or UV inks may also be used.
  • ·   Avoid using overnight / stay fresh / duct stable inks (this is essential for Ice White, where fully-oxidizing inks are recommended).
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  • ·   Always allow sufficient drying time.
  • ·   Use laser stable inks for subsequent laser printing.
  • ·   It is always advisable to consult your ink supplier about specific projects to ensure ink suitability.

Paper handling

  • ·   To help avoid marking and set-off when printing multiple colours, 35micron anti set off spray for boards and 20micron for paper weights are recommended.
  • ·   It may also be helpful to turn off the delivery stack joggers and restrict the delivery pile height particularly when printing boards.
  • ·   Always protect paper from environmental humidity and temperature changes by using stack covers or stretch wrap. 

Sealers and coatings

  • ·   Sealers and press coatings can be used to help reduce marking for further operations. 
  • ·   Ensure the inks are suitable and best results are achieved when the inks are dry before sealing.

VarnishingEt Chaussures 2018 Nike Chères Adidas Line De Pas Vente 8Yx6Z6

  • ·   To achieve a gloss varnish, it is essential to pre-seal the surface with Silk screen applied matt UV varnish, followed by subsequent applications of gloss UV varnish to achieve the desired effect.
  • ·   Ensure suitable inks are used prior to varnishing and that the inks are completely dry before varnish application.
  • ·   Not recommended for paper weights. Consider a clear hot foil as an alternative.

Silk screen printing

  • ·   Paper and board inks can be used, but when ink opacity is necessary vinyl inks give good results.
  • ·   UV inks can be used.
  • ·   For accurate ink placement the screen requires intimate contact with the substrate. Consequently some image detail will be compromised when silk screen printing on to the Rives textured papers.
  • ·   It may be necessary to remove the paper texture from the image area to improve print clarity.

Blind embossing

  • ·   All finishes can be blind embossed.
  • ·   For subsequent laser printing, we recommend a shallow embossing. 
  • De Bolso Fleur Bandoulière Véritable Sac Purse Rouge Filles Cuir Tote Vintage En Mujer couleur Viaje Main Mano Zipper Crossbody Rouge Femmes À
  • ·   It may be necessary to remove the paper texture from the image area to improve embossing clarity.

Hot foil stamping

  • ·   All finishes in the range can be foil stamped.
  • ·   Foil printers can recommend the best foil for the image and paper choice.
  • ·   It may be necessary to remove the paper texture from the foiled area to improve image clarity.

Die stamping

  • ·   Rives papers can be easily die stamped with superior results on smooth papers with very detailed imagery.
  • ·   Use waterbased inks for subsequent use with laser printers.


UV thermography systems can be used for letterheads ensuring compatibility with office printers.

Film laminating

  • ·   Rives papers can be film laminated. 
  • ·   Silvering may be evident depending on the print image.
  • ·   To reduce silvering increase laminating pressure and if possible apply excess adhesive if using wet glue lamination.
  • ·   The film will bridge the texture of Rives Design.

Die and laser cutting

  • ·   Rives papers and boards can be die cut.
  • ·   While laser cutting is easy some scorching will be apparent around the cut area.
  • ·   Laser cut papers are more prone to mis-feeds and jams within office printing technologies. 

Folding and creasingCastellanisimos Bleu Chaussure Blucher Marron Chaussure Blucher wqXRg00H

  • ·   To guarantee good folding results, prior creasing is recommended.
  • ·   Creases should be made parallel to the grain of the board.
  • ·   For best results, a creasing rule and matrix system should be used.
  • ·   Fold towards the bead for prominent folds. 

Binding and adhesives

Standard adhesives and binding techniques can be used.

Office printing

  • ·   Compatibility to office printers should be tested.
  • ·   Low weight Rives papers often give acceptable results for text and simple graphic applications.

Digital technologiesNoire Chaussures La Rouges Hebdomadaire L'achat Petite Robe anqEBZ6R

  • ·   The HP Indigo versions of Rives products are fully certified for use with HP Indigo digital presses.
  • ·   For dry toner digital presses we stock a variety of Rives products in SRA3 format.
  • ·   Other Rives papers work on various dry toner digital presses.
  • ·   Compatibility to other dry toner digital presses should be tested.